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Please try writing like this (^. ^) …
1. Name: sirube administrator 08/9/14 (sun) 23 : 55: 16
It is a place where you can tweet freely (^ 0 ^)
Mutter myself
Screenwriter New Arrival Blog
09/21 (Sunday) 21: 56 TV “R30”
09/21 (Sunday) 21: 48 Arashi everything is too much!
09/21 (Sunday) 20: 56 Mixed chorus
09/21 (Sunday) 20: 51 A real photograph not evolving?
09/21 (Sunday) 20: 37 If it is!
09/21 (Sunday) 20: 34 Check out TBS tomorrow!
09/21 (Sunday) 20: 17 9/21/2008
09/21 (Sunday) 19: 59 3rd year B teacher Kinpachi sensei 7th series DVD-BOX 1
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Screenwriter New Arrival “Please tell me!”
09/15 (Monday) 10: 14 Use “sir” for women?
09/14 (Sunday) 10: 51 Movies like Lord of War
09/12 (Fri) 23: 57 I’m looking for a script for a feature film
09/11 (Thu) 20: 19 Are not there volunteers like this?
09/11 (Thu) 15: 27 It is a work of profiler thing …
09/10 (Wed) 18: 49 About Wicked seat
09/09 (Tue) 09: 35 Falling in love – secret of my success ~
09/08 (Mon) 23: 49 Is DVD of Prison Break’s Season 3 up to vol. 7?
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Screenwriter New Arrival News
09/21 (Sunday) 21: 38 Ali? Pear? “Thinking from an Ano movie” Elementary and junior high school students’ pregnancy / delivery “.
09/21 (Sunday) 14: 20 Ninomiya, sex in Nishikido’s script, condoms
09/21 (Sunday) 13: 40 Yoon Hye Young “Princesses character this time … in fact the rough character”
09/21 (Sunday) 11: 53 NHK program net distribution commercial companies, wary of increasing expenses burden
09/21 (Sunday) 11: 51 NHK program net distribution commercial companies, wary of increasing expenses burden
09/21 (Sunday) 09: 33 [Read weekends, watch] “Profile of Nippon” “Geographical change George Bush saved Japan”
09/20 (Sat) 10: 15 Sunday edition 21 issue
09/20 (Sat) 08: 14 A vocational college student at the Animax Awards, Mr. Kenji Nishichi
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Screenwriter recommended book!
Buddha’s castle

Basic technology of scenario

Screenwriter bulletin board New arrival calligraphy
09/14 (Sunday) 23: 55 About sirube (1)
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