Secrets of the quick loan system Zeck: how to correctly apply and receive money (step by step instruction), Financial tips and news

Mr. system Zeck is created in order to be able to receive money to pay as quickly and easily as possible. You can choose up to $ 5,000 for up to 35 days and receive money on your account within 15 minutes.

The whole process, from submitting the application to verification and sending money, is completely online. You do not need to have certificates, look for a guarantor and borrow real estate or a car.

In the case of such simplified verification, where we do not need the customer’s personal presence, the Mr. system Zeck examines each application in detail. We wrote in another article about who the system issues loans to and why an application may be rejected .

How is the quick money receiving process carried out on Mr. Zeck

STEP 1: Choose the amount you want to apply for

Select the desired amount and loan period, after which you agree to return the money in full. When determining the loan amount and term, you’ll see the interest amount that will be added to your loan amount.

You can choose the amount of each page view Mr. Zeck. Once selected, press the “Take a Loan” button.

STEP 2: Register and enter the Mr. system Zeck

STEP 2: Register and enter the Mr. system Zeck

If you are a new customer, register to Mr. system. Zeck. Please enter valid data. Please note that incorrect data may lead to the application being rejected. After registration, a password will be sent to your email address to log in to your profile on the Mr. website. Zeck, please save them.

If you are already registered, just go to your profile using the ” Login ” button .

STEP 3: Submit an application

After logging into the Mr. system Zeck, apply for a loan. First of all, use the “Receive SMS code” button. A 4-digit code will be sent to your phone number you provided during registration – enter it in the last field. After entering the code, press the “Send request” button.

Important : if you made a mistake when entering the SMS code and want to receive the code again, the system has a sms limit and sends only up to 3 codes per day. If you have used these tests, please contact Customer Service, they will help you solve the problem.

STEP 4: Verify your bank account to which we will send money

Now enter the bank account number to which we will send the money. If you’ve passed this step, you don’t have to verify your account again.

If you apply to Mr. Zeck for the first time, bank account verification is required. This procedure is safe and completely free.

In the Instantor list, select your bank and log in to your online banking. Mr. system Zeck has no access to your password or login and cannot use your account funds in any way. All personal data is confidential, it is described in the policy of security and protection of personal data Mr. Zeck.

If your bank is not on the Instantor list, use these tips:

  • open a new bank account in a bank that is on our list, enter it when submitting the application;
  • Contact Customer Service, they will be able to solve your problem.

The sooner you verify your bank account, the sooner we can send you money. If you do not complete this bank account verification step, your application will be automatically canceled within 24 hours.

STEP 5: Accepting or rejecting the application – how it works

STEP 5: Accepting or rejecting the application - how it works

Mr. system In the meantime, Zeck is analyzing your application. A few minutes after checking the account, the system can:

  1. Option: accept the application for the requested amount and period;
  2. Option: offer a different loan amount (counter-offer) if the amount requested cannot be accepted by the system;
  3. Option: reject the loan application if your application contains false information. You can find out the reasons for refusal here.

Why can an employee call you? Zeck, and how it affects the confirmation of the application

Sometimes there are situations in which when checking the application by Mr. system Zeck, our team will want to contact you by phone. We contact you to ask questions and increase the likelihood that your application will be approved by the system.

That is why we try to do everything in our power so that you can get a loan. If you receive a call from an employee Zeck, please give us 1 minute of your time. This is necessary to receive the loan as quickly as possible.

If an employee Zeck will contact you by phone to verify the request and the call will not be answered, within 24 hours the request will be canceled. Please note that Mr. Zeck does not call on every request, only in special cases.

We are always happy to help you in a difficult financial situation. Apply for a loan and see for yourself that Mr. Zeck is an advantageous and quick quick money service.


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