House Training Your Chihuahua Puppy

House training a Chihuahua puppy is the most important step in becoming a proud owner. It takes time and a lot of patience but more importantly it is the best way to avoid long term behavioral problems. The training should begin the day you pick up your Chihuahua puppy.ดูซีรี่ย์ This is the most important training step. The longer you wait the harder it will be to train your puppy.

Step oneIt is important for you to know when your puppy needs to go to the toilet. You will need to take your puppy outside or to the toilet indoors every two hours for the first few weeks. This is a general guideline and you may need to take longer or shorter based on the age of your Chihuahua puppy.

Initially you should put a certain amount of time aside for house training a Chihuahua puppy. Every time your puppy needs to go to the toilet take it straight to the area you want it to use. Once your puppy is doing it’s business you should praise him or her enthusiastically. This will reinforce the fact that you are pleased with your dogs behavior.

There are key times when your puppy will need to pee, such as after eating, sleeping and playing.เว็บดูหนังออนไลน์ For pups under 8 weeks old you should take your puppy outside every time after these key times.

Another key moment for your puppies bathroom habits is just after feeding. Your puppy will need to go to the toilet just after eating and you should take it to the area you want it to use.

You should also take your puppy outside straight after a nap and when it wakes up from a snooze.

Step twoSome people choose to put baby gates on top of the toilet bowl to pre-soak the area. This works well but does not always keep the puppy away. I have found that just placing a small piece of newspaper in front of the toilet bowl works every time.

When you see your puppy sniff around the area and appear to be sniffing around for a good spot to go to the toilet you should instinctively wonder what it wants.ดูคลิปโป๊ฟรี At this point you should take it to the area. Doing this you puppy will associate going to the toilet with a certain location.

This works really well if you have a fenced in yard. If you don’t you should make sure your puppy has an area that is clearly toilet area and never allow it to wander the rest of the yard without supervision.

You should obviously feed your puppy at regular intervals so it can be taken outside to the toilet area.

Step threeIf your dog creates a regular habit of going to the toilet in the wrong places you should gradually move the toilet area closer and closer toward the door. Doing this creates a natural movement and dogs soon get into the habit of going where they should. They will associate the right place with going to the toilet.

Generally a puppy will achieve pre-potty training success within Days 7-10. During this period it will be beginning to learn about its surroundings andseparation from its mother.ดูหนังav The critical time is when your puppy first learns to trust you. This trust and familiarity with you is the groundwork that allows your puppy to gain confidence and gain access to your whole world and all that it means to your puppy. Separation from its mother is when your puppy gets to know it’s world. This is a crucial time. The mother dog has been teaching the puppy all its life and has provided all its guidance. Sometime around 7 weeks your puppy learns that it can trust you. They start to make judgements about where they should or should not go to the toilet.

This is a very critical time for your puppy. It is learning what you expect from it and what you want from them. The success or failure of your puppy’s toilet training will depend on you and how you treat your puppy. If you are to achieve potty training success you must ensure you provide your puppy with consistent messages about where they should or should not go to the toilet. You must communicate confidentially and give your puppy a lot of positive attention when they have done the right thing. If you ignore your puppy when it has had a mistake it will become fearful and stop trusting you.

The need to constantly reassure and reward your puppy for going the right place is a central component of potty training success. If you reward your puppy when it goes in the right place, you reinforce the idea that you are happy with their actions. Rewards and positive attention are necessary. In the case of accidents you should speak to your puppy in a low firm voice.ดูavซับไทย If you catch your puppy going the right place you should quickly rush over and show them their mistake. You should not punish your puppy for going in the wrong place. The best way to deal with accidents is to clean up the mess and go about dealing with the problem as much quietly as possible.

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